Let me catch you up…

Ok so I moved to Ghana about 2.5 months ago. To say that this transition has been a whirlwind would be an understatement. Everyone reading this knows that this is my 6th time to Ghana. What you don’t know is that every other time I have been staying in a rural village about 3 hours away from the capital, Accra. This time, I got off the plane and turned into a city girl. Accra became my new home and the village life that I was used to was not what I was experiencing anymore. In Accra, you can find cheese, butter, and ice cream anywhere you look. There are burger joints, and grocery stores. There is a Payless Shoe Store in the mall right down the street from my house. There is a KFC on every corner (imagine Starbucks in America and replace it with KFC and then you will understand). There is also an Apple Retail Store in the mall. Of course, the stuff there is insanely expensive because they factor in the cost of shipping (currently struggling to find an affordable phone). Basically, life here is different.

Despite all of the luxuries that are available in Accra, I am still reminded of the aspects of life that are more difficult to come by as a person living in a developing country. For example, I am currently on my 7th day without water in my house. Last night I had a bit of a mental breakdown because all I want to do is CLEAN MY DISHES AND FLUSH MY TOILET!!! I cried for a while, took my bucket bath (My landlady has a barrel that she saves water in and she has given me a few buckets), got into bed and prayed that I would have running water in the morning. I didn’t. So off to work I went with a positive attitude because that is all I can do when times are tough like this. (And still, I am blessed compared to many others in my area). A few days ago on my way to work, I noticed that people were gathering in one area at the end of my street with buckets and basins and I asked what they were doing. I was told that someone had likely dug up a pipe and broken it so that people could collect water to bring home… like I said, I am blessed.


So, how am I doing? That’s a question that people keep asking me.

I guess the answer is that I’m doing okay. Despite the difficult aspects, I love living in Ghana (living in a place where I don’t have to hear about Donald Trump every day). I like being on my own and having an apartment to myself. I like managing my own money and being completely independent. I also have a really amazing, wonderful, fantastic support system here which is proving to be the most valuable thing. I have made some great friends in this new city. Life is much easier with the people I get to be around. I am so grateful for their love, support, and understanding when I freak out about stupid stuff. (Kojo gets the most freak out exposure and he handles it very well 🙂 you’re the best). I am also discovering the best places to eat in Accra which is expensive but amazing and YOLO amirite?

All that being said, I have come to find out that being a grown-up is SUPER DIFFICULT. I am experiencing a level of exhaustion that is making me question if I will ever be able to handling caring for children! Most nights I am too tired to cook dinner so I fry and egg and call it a day. Paying bills is the worst thing probably ever (especially in a country where there is a major energy crisis and electricity costs about a billion dollars). My job is not quite what I expected it would be which is probably the most difficult part (This is me publicly asking for prayers that this aspect of my life might get a bit better). And I miss my friends and family immensely. I love you all more than I can say.

To my fam, thank you for being worried about me every day. It is nice to have a family that cares so much. I promise that I am doing ok. I love you guys.

To my Rogues, you are my everything and I miss you all every day. Thank you for being my constant.

Phi Sig girls, WOW 27 new babes and I am having serious FOMO. Love you all, say hi to couches for me.


Thank you if you have read this far! I am going to try to be doing regular updates (and pictures) on life, interesting experiences, and good food that I am eating. Stay tuned!

All my love,



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