Making the most of things.

First, I want to thank everyone who has given feedback about my first post. Y’all rock.

Reflections from the past few days:

Wow how confusing is life? How are we supposed to answer life-changing questions and feel comfortable with the choices we made? Especially when down every path, there are inevitable bumps along the way. I guess that might be me being pessimistic, but I have been struggling a lot with this lately. (And as someone who hates making decisions, this is particularly difficult.) It all started when I had to decide if I wanted to pack up my comfortable (some might say sheltered) life and move 5,000 miles away all alone. As you all know, I made that choice and here I am. I thought that would be the most difficult part about this relocation but I have learned that adulthood is basically just a series of life-changing decisions. Do I stick it out in this job and get experience? Do I quit and have no where to go? How much money should I be spending on wifi, water, electricity, etc. every month? What about money for food? Who am I supposed to be with? Am I too young to be thinking about who I am supposed to be with? What if I never figure out who I am really supposed to be with? I should get a hobby to take my mind off work. What if I am too tired for a hobby and I become useless at work? What if I focus so much on work that it breaks me down? Should I travel this weekend? If I travel then how much money/energy will I have at the end of the weekend?

I guess that I am trying to say is that adulthood is super tough!!! To be honest, I always thought that my mom was just trying to make me feel better when she said that my times in high school and college were supposed to be there best years of my life. I figured, that after school there would be no more tests, no more papers, no more classes to sit through and life would be great! I would go to work, come home, have my netflix time, and it would all be super enjoyable because I would have money in the bank. If you are out of college, you know that this is all ridiculous. All of this being said, I finally getting really good at making the most of adulthood!! 


I decided to get back into music while I am here. I have been getting together with the music teacher to jam and sing and we are considering putting together a set to perform at local bars and things to make a little extra cash. To be honest, the cash is just a fringe benefit from the fact that focusing a little bit of energy on music rather than work has been insanely helpful for my mood.

People around school started to hear me sing and I got signed on to help produce the school musical this year, Aladdin. I don’t think I have been this excited about a show in a really really long time. Auditions are starting on Friday and I am going to be helping particularly with the music production side of things. We are really excited to get started and the kids are buzzing about it too. We are even allowing the babies (our 3-year-olds) to be part of the show in some capacity as well.

To report on my running water situation – I am not on day 14 of no water in my house. And yes, I am extremely unhappy about it. I am happy to report, however, that I no longer walk into my house and cry because of the water because I just expect it at this point.

To report of my phone search – I found a great phone at a FANTASTIC price and I bought it today!

I also want to report that every single day, I am reminded of the amazing experience that I get to live through. Despite the difficult things that I was not expecting, it still amazes me that I get to live abroad for a while and make a living. That I am out in the real world creating my life and getting by. It is a truly amazing, humbling, indescribable feeling to be literally out in the world and I am so thankful for this.

Anyway, thanks for listening to me ramble on if you made it this far. I appreciate all of your love and support. I promise, my next post will have photos.

All my love,


P.S. Today’s shoutout goes to my little, Shelby, and my G-Little, Shelby. Love and miss you both.



2 thoughts on “Making the most of things.

  1. Jordan, I was just thinking about you and how you were doing!! Sounds like you are meeting the challenges that come your way! You are absolutely correct about adult life. It is full of changes and challenges! Your experiences will continue to help you make those changes with ease even though some may be harder than others. God knows where he wants you, Jordan, you just have to keep being open to his plan. All the questions you are asking yourself will be answered in their own time, no need to figure it all out right now.
    What a great idea to bring music back into your life!! Send some video clips of Alladin and of your evening gigs!
    What great work you are doing, Jordan! Getting out of your comfort zone is the best preparation for anything that comes your way.
    Thinking of you often,
    Barbara Zupko


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