Look at my life

Hey y’all! I’m back and I have photos. I promised! To be completely honest, I haven’t taken many photos. I guess the surroundings around here are pretty normal to me so I keep forgetting to take pictures of things that you all might be interested in seeing. Until I have more photos, I hope that these will do.

First, my house! Keep in mind these photos were taken before my house was finished/before I moved in. I just took them when I went for a visit.

13816919_10155065101850752_145588541_n.jpgThis is basically my house. In Ghana we call is the “hall” but in America we would call it the living room. It is also my kitchen. See the oven? Yeah, thats pretty much the whole kitchen! In this photo I am standing in the front door. The door at the back leads to my room on the left and my bathroom on the right.

13823572_10155065102130752_2101550241_n.jpgSo this is a shot of the kitchen. Its basically a 8 foot cutout. There is a sink and then the oven/stove. It’s gas, not electric which is great but we don’t have our gas cylinders refilled the way we do in America. When my cylinder in empty I have to take it to a gas station a wait in life for them to connect it to this hose that fills it with gas. When they finish, I pay and then ask someone to carry the cylinder to a car. They are HEAVY. It is a pain in the butt, but I am happy to have gas and not electric. Electricity is insanely expensive in Ghana. They have been suffering a major electricity crisis for a few years which means frequent power outages. It is MUCH better than it was this time last year. My power has been off about 4 or 5 times since I have arrived. When I was in Ghana last summer, the lights would be out for a few hours EVERY DAY. I am very thankful that the crisis has gotten better.

14501967_10155271590780752_727737542_n.jpgThe other day I was in a taxi and I was seriously craving some chocolate. They have cakes and sweets here but for some reason they are super low in sugar and they don’t even taste sweet! I splurges and bought a snickers from Palace, my local grocery store. Palace is sort of a bigger version of Target except the clothes aren’t as cute. They have pretty much everything, as long as you are willing to pay. I really wanted some good fruit and I spent a fortune on some plums a few weeks ago. They were imported from Spain I think and they were incredible. You can also get a glimpse of the street in the back. That is pretty common of what the street looks like in my area. Lots of vendors selling produce, phone credit, and a whole lot of other stuff. Anything you want, you can pretty much buy it on the street. It is convenient but also a little overwhelming because people selling swarm cars at stop lights waiting for people to buy things. It is nice to be able to buy food if your stuck in traffic for a long time though. And living in Accra mean LOTS of time sitting in traffic.

14542628_10155271590785752_419054000_n.jpgAccra is home to tons of amazing different types of food. There are expats from all over the world living in Accra which provides a multitude of food options. So far I have had amazing authentic Thai food, Turkish food, Lebonese food, Italian food, French food, and of course, Ghanaian food. I do have some favorite spots though, and still so many places to try. The tourist spots in this city are insane. People forget that living in Africa does not mean living in a grass hut with lions and tigers roaming around. I live in a major city. Insane traffic, busy nightlife, even cupcake bakeries and karaoke bars are common around here. There are beautiful hotels and amazing beaches and tourism to Accra is very common. Come visit me! We will have fun and eat great food!

14095832_10155162903975752_6728792722927242415_n.jpgA few weeks ago I went to a major street art festival called Chale Wote. Chale Wote is basically translated to “bathroom shoes” and honestly I don’t remember why they named the festival that. It was INSANE. There were people everywhere. Someone had to hold my hand the entire time because I could have easily been swept away by the crowds. It was a ton of fun and a whole lot of walking. There was live music, vendors, food, and of course, street art. I met this artist there. She did a lot of work on political statements in Ghana and the US. It was really interesting!

That is all I have for right now, but I promise that I will try to take more photos and keep everyone updated!

I am happy to report that after 20 days without running water, I NOW HAVE WATER COMING. I almost cried tears of joy when it started flowing again.

I’ll probably be posting another blog this weekend so stay tuned!

All my love,



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