Surprise! I left Ghana for a little while… on a COMPLETE whim.

I have been having a difficult time the past few weeks. Certain circumstances have created a lot of stress in my life in Ghana. Sometimes, I’ve learned, we need a break from our real lives. Real lives are stressful and often difficult, so here’s what happened.
I’ve been in pretty much constant contact with my mom for the past few weeks. I’ve been getting a lot of love and support from so many people, but especially my mom. On Wednesday, I had a difficult day, so I called my mom. A few hours later, I was getting some coffee and my mom called to check on me and we got to talking and somehow landed on a thought that I should go to Europe for a little while. I told her that I have some friends in Spain and she encouraged me to “do it” persistently. So, I texted my dear friend Hallie who informed me that she has been traveling most weekends but I should come to Spain during the week. Then jokingly, she told me that she’s going to London tomorrow (Thursday) and I should just meet her there. CRAZY. How could I plan a trip for THE NEXT DAY. Keep in mind, it was about 6PM at this point. Nevertheless, I told her I would check flights and see. Little did I know, my mom had already checked. in less than 2 hours, I had a flight booked to London and just 6 hours to prepare!! But my craziness doesn’t stop there. I said to Hallie over FaceTime, “what if I leave London and come to Spain with you…” and in less than 20 minutes, I had a flight from London to Madrid. I don’t think I’ve ever done something this spontaneous before. But I also don’t think I’ve been this happy in weeks.

Hallie and I are currently in an airbnb in London where we are planning to be complete tourists for the day. Of course, first I have to stop at Primark and buy a coat and scarf because London is much cooler than Accra!

I just want to take a second to thank my mom for being the biggest supporter of everything in my life recently. I would not be living this wild adventure without you telling me to do so. Also I have to thank Hallie for being crazy with me and planning a trip to London in less than 12 hours.

I promise I’ll give a full update when I return to Ghana… still unclear when exactly that will be, but I love you all! Check Facebook for photos 😊



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